Dear fellow HHBC members,

In order to proceed with our discernment process, Vision 20/20, it is time to form a Leadership Team. This ad hoc committee will be responsible for guiding the congregation throughout the entire process. Specific tasks of this team include the following:

  • Design the activities and calendar intended to involve the congregation in the process.
  • Facilitate small groups as needed.
  • Gather data and information from the congregational discussions.
  • Interpret that information.
  • Communicate that information and its interpretations to the congregation.

This team needs to reflect the diversity of the congregation in age, gender, and how long they have been a member of the church. Team members must have the ability to see the big picture and believe that the future of HHBC is full of possibilities.

They need to know how to pray, love God, and love the Church, and they need to be able to reflect deeply and be spiritually mature. Team members need to commit to being at a full-day orientation retreat on the front end of the process and a full-day writing retreat on the back end. In between, there will be regular team meetings, congregational conversations, and tasks that they need to make a very high priority in their schedule.

We need your help in forming this Leadership Team. You may supply the names of up to 3 church members, above the age of 21, whom you feel would be qualified to lead us through the discernment process. You may volunteer yourself as well. As you make nominations, keep in mind that this team needs to represent the diversity of the congregation. Nominations will be considered until August 10. The deacon officers will then review the nominations and work through them in order to obtain a balanced and complete team. You may make nominations by turning in one of the nomination forms sent to your home, or you may find the forms in the office or by clicking here.

This is an exciting time for Highland Hills Baptist Church. I hope each of you will be an active participant in this discernment process through Vision 20/20.

Emily Brumley
Vice Chair of Deacons & Chair of the Nominating Committee

To read more about Vision 20/20 please click here.